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The Mistral-Air Forced Air Warming unit is lightweight, easy to clean and made of shock absorbent material. Improve patient outcome through safe, comfortable and smart patient warming. Optimised heat transfer due to Multi Sensor Technology & Powerful Fan Optimal elimination of air contaminants by the HEPA filter Ergonomic and flexible in use as a result of the slim & lightweight designEquipped with a versatile mounting bracket, the slim Mistral-Air warming unit offers caregivers a diversity to securely position the warming unit across all care areas. The default start up temperature of 38°C ensures the immediate start of therapy and reduces the risk of human error. The temperature settings of the Mistral-Air Plus warming unit are ambient, 32°C, 38°C and 43°C. The low noise level reduces the risks and irritations of blower noise -concentration & communication errors in the OR. The premium HEPA filter provides clean air comparable to OR ventilating systems and is easy to replace.




The Fluido® Compact combines ease of use with low operational costs. The intuitive control panel can be operated with only a single button. The device is maintenance free. The Fluido® Compact Blood and Fluid Warming system components have a durable and long-lasting design. The disposable sets move easily with the patient between different systems. This allows the caregiver to warm IV fluids for the patient across departments with only one disposable without having to move the warming unit. The embedded software enables patient safety* through an independent safety control system and multiple temperature sensors. It provides accurate and safe Blood and Fluid Warming. * The Fluido Compact system is in compliance with all applicable safety standards and guidelines.




Fluido AirGuard System is a Blood and Fluid Warming system. The system is suitable for all applications, from standard to high flow. The Fluido AirGuard System consists of:

  • Blood and Fluid Warmer
  • Air Guard
  • Pressure Chambers
  • Compressor
  • IV-Pole

The Fluido System is warming blood and fluids with IR technology. It is a dry method preventing from the risk of waterborne contamination. Based on in line sensors the Fluido Blood and Fluid Warmer calculates the required energy to safely warm the perfusates. Algorithms compensate for the heat loss in the patient line to ensure accurate heat adjustment against the set temperature at the end of the line.