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About us


  • More than twenty years of experience in the medical field as a sole distribution partner
  • Young and dynamic team that aims to reach our users with the most accurate information and knowledge.
  • Undertake the most ethical representation of many companies with our trademark

Areas we work extensively:

  • Surgical branches
  • Urology, Gynecology, Cardiovascular surgery, Neurosurgery
  • Polymer and titanium clips and special angle appliers
  • Laparoscopic hand tools, types of stapler.
  • Hemostatic agents
  • Titanium mesh applications for hernia and breast
  • Silicone slings, chest extension sets
  • Wound protection ring (retractor), suction rinse kit.

Nerve simulation system

  • The monitor device,
  • Laryngeal ECG electrodes,
  • Disposable monopolar probes,
  • The integrated laryngel ekletrots,
  • Subcutaneous needles, sleeping probes, self-adhesive sticks.

Hypothermia -Hyperthermia solutions


  • Heating blankets.
  • Blood and fluid warming systems
  • Water circulated heating -cooling devices
  • Pre warming passive reflective suits-jackets-balankets