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Mistral-Air Warming Unit-Blankets

Mistral-Air Plus warming unit are attuned to each other. This ensures optimum performance and equal distribution of heat throughout the entire blanket. The Mistral-Air Plus warming unit has:

  • Default temperature setting of 38°C
  • Low noise level (46 dB)
  • Premium HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air)

The default start up temperature of 38°C ensures the immediate start of therapy and reduces the risk of human error. The temperature settings of the Mistral-Air Plus warming unit are ambient, 32°C, 38°C and 43°C. The low noise level reduces the risks and irritations of blower noise -concentration & communication errors in the OR. In addition to the over-temperature alarm, the under-temperature alarm is a standard built-in safety feature guaranteeing that the temperature which has been set is delivered to your patient. The premium HEPA filter provides clean air comparable to OR ventilating systems and is easy to replace.

Mistral-Air Pole with Basket
Before use the Mistral-Air Plus warming unit it should be attached to an (IV) pole or placed on a table. The 37Company offering you two very stable, easy to setup and cost effective poles with a basket for optimal placement under the OR table.

The Mistral-Air Warming Suit ;is ideal for pre-warming in day surgery. It combines the functionality of a hospital gown with the benefits of a warming suit / blanket.

The key for optimal warming is to cover as early as possible, as much as possible and as long as possible. Furthermore the arms and legs are both important components of the peripheral thermal compartment ¹.

Mistral-Air Warming Suit:

  • Ideal for pre-warming in day surgery
    • Adjustable Velcro neckline
    • Full back access
  • Soft non-woven material
  • Velcro fasteners at arm sleeves
  • Mistral-Air Footwear available – Article number MA1800, 1 size fits all
  • Box quantity: 10 pieces
  • Heat Reflective Technology

    With Thermoflect you can prevent unintended hypothermia in a simple way, with optimal comfort for your patient. The innovative Thermoflect material reflects patient’s radiant heat, while preventing convective heat loss.

  • Thermoflect Patient Care

    Thermoflect effectively preserves the patient’s own body temperature by reducing the patient’s radiative & convective heat loss. Thermoflect can reduce hypothermia during the pre-operative phase and the incidence of hypothermia during surgery.
    The product range offers an easy to use solution for each surgical application. It can be used in the pre-, per- and post-operative phase, during transport and in emergency situations.

¹ Matsukawa T., Sessler D., et al., “Heat flow and distribution during induction of general anesthesia,” Anesthesiology, 1995