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Hico Hirtz

 HICO – Medical-Technical Expertise in Patient Temperature Management for more than 70 years
Founded by Hans Hirtz in 1945, the Cologne-based company Hirtz & Co. KG is run in the fourth generation by the Hirtz family. Today, the company stands for expertise in medical technology sold under the brand name HICO Medical Systems. What started as a wholesale business for medical products and devices has developed – thanks to in-house innovations – into a major medtech company. The product portfolio comprises hypo-/hyperthermia systems, decubitus prevention and treatment solutions as well as inhalation devices. HICO Medical Systems “made in Germany” stands for maximum precision, reliability and a high level of serviceability – no matter where in the world our devices are employed.

Since 1997, Hirtz & Co. KG has been certified according to ISO standards and therefore guarantees excellent quality thanks to highly qualified staff and continuous quality control. Today, more than 70 years after its foundation, the company generates more than 50 % of its revenue with satisfied customers in over 65 export countries. To ensure our future in the market with leading medtech products, Hirtz & Co. KG places great value on well-established development partnerships with leading university hospitals and on a network of innovative manufacturers of special components.

Made in Germany – Quality since 1945
Our customers’ satisfaction is the benchmark by which we measure our success. That’s why we attach great value to high product quality and on-time delivery, excellent service and expert advice with every new order. We consider ourselves to be a reliable, flexible and professional partner to our customers.

Our high performance and success are based on our employees. They tackle their tasks and challenges with expertise and commitment to meet even the highest quality expectations of our customers – day by day. The pursuit of a trusting and close working relationship among the staff and with our customers is a high priority for us.

Continuous improvement is the motor that drives our quest for quality. All criticism is taken seriously and evaluated for potential weaknesses within our company.

Since its establishment in 1997, our internal quality management system has been subject to regular external audits. Hirtz & Co. KG fulfills the stringent requirements of EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC: 2012 and of Brazil RDC 16/2013.

HICO-VARIOTHERM 555 is the allrounder among the hypo-/hyperthermia systems and appreciated for its reliable warming and cooling of patients in intensive care units and operating rooms. Featuring a water temperature range of 5 to 40 °C, this system covers all areas of application.

Intensive-care medicine
Cardiac / thorax surgery
Emergency medicine
Pain Centers
Stroke Units

REF 600001/REF 600021

Easy and quick start-up of the non-invasive temperature control system
Optimum temperature transfer via reusable HICO water pads
Connections for two HICO water pads
Optional use of Soft-Temp® single-use pads
Nursing staff has free access to the patients since they are positioned on the water pads.
Defibrillation-proof device
Microprocessor-controlled Peltier technology ensures smooth and quiet operation of the powerful system.
Compact stationary unit, available with a tilt-resistant castor stand

HICO-DECUBIMAT 390 combines the advantages of our most powerful alternating pressure pump with those of the 3-chamber deep-cell mattress. The result: effective pressure relief for patients with a body weight of up to 250 kg.Periods of “zero pressure“ and optimum reduction of contact pressure for patients with a weight of 25 to 250 kg
3-chamber deep-cell mattress with CPR valve and static head cell
Transport mode and static pressure for soft support
High lying comfort thanks to breathable, non-slip mattress cover (PU-coated, bi-elastic nylon)
Extremely low noise and vibration levels


REF 310003

Good pressure relief for patients with a body weight of 40 to 120 kg
Alternating pressure support mattress made of skin-friendly vinyl
Airflow system for patient ventilation through very small holes (laser perforation)

Especially in care facilities, HICO-DECUBIMAT 365 is used for the prevention of pressure ulcers and for the pain-relieving positioning of patients (up to 120 kg weight) suffering from early-stage bedsores.

HICO-ULTRASONAT 810 is a device for the ultrasonic nebulization of water and medicine, meeting the inhalation therapy demands of hospitals, nursing homes and home care.

  • Nebulization of micro-particles in the range of 0.5 to 6.0 µm
  • Nebulization of very small quantities of medication
  • Nebulization intensity and time adjustable up to 99 min.
  • Nebulization capacity of up to 4.5 ml/min.
  • Large nebulizer chamber of 500 ml
  • Permanent nebulizing system – up to 8 hours (optional)
  • Heatable aerosol hose for heating the nebulized liquid (optional)
  • Optional wall bracket or castor stand to ensure easy and safe operation